API: Asynchronous task results

GET /api/marketplace/v2/task/{task_id}/


To get the result of an asynchronous task, you will need to poll this endpoint.

In the initial API request, the “status” field will be “AsyncResponsePending”, and a link to poll for the response will be in the “pending_url” field.

  "status": "AsyncResponsePending",
  "pending_url": "https://nimda.kogan.com/api/marketplace/v2/task/45a58cf8-3f1f-466d-4016-448a5f32e9222/",
  "error": null,
  "body": null

When the task is finished, the status will change and the "error" or "body" field will be populated.

The schema of the body will be determined by the type of request that was submitted. Please check the relevant API in the openapi spec.

HTTP Error codes

  • HTTP 404 - The task with that ID was not found
  • HTTP 500 - The task ran, but failed due to an internal error.
  • HTTP 502, 503, 504 - Temporarily unavailable, please try again.
  • HTTP 429 - Rate limit exceeded

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