API: Product Create

POST /api/marketplace/v2/products/


The product create API accepts a batch of up to 500* products to create, and will return a list of warnings and errors from the batch (once complete).
This API cannot update existing products. To update an existing product, please use the update API (PATCH) instead.


This is an asynchronous endpoint, you will need to poll the pending_url to get the results.
See: Asynchronous task results

Time limits

While the API allows up to 500 products to be supplied, there is a 5-minute timeout when creating and updating products. If the time limit is exceeded, it will stop processing the rest of your products and return a HTTP 500 error on the asynchronous result endpoint.

Images are downloaded serially, and are commonly the slowest part of the product creation process. If your images are slow to download, or you have many images on each product, you will not be able to create as many products within each batch.
It is recommended that batches be chunked at around 100-200 products per API call.

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